4 dates, and now nothing? Confused.

There was this guy I met online, and we started talking, then he asked me out. We went out for a drink, and I didn't think I would hear from him again. But the following weekend he text me, and we went out. Then the weekend after that the same thing happened.

Last weekend I decided it was my turn to ask him out, and again, we went out. But this weekend I have heard nothing. I am fine to just cut my losses, but I am a bit disappointed to say the least. And I don't get why he added me on Facebook either? Why do guys do that? Also, he didn't kiss me once...which I also don;t get?

Any guys out there who can give me some explanation as to this kind of behaviour?

I am fed up of dating as I have to keep putting up with this BS!


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  • Well, if he didn't kiss you then it's not surprising that date 5 didn't happen. It's actually kind of surprising that dates 3 and 4 happened without anything physical. He never even tried? Did you give him signals that made it clear you were cool with it?

    • I know it's weird...my ex didn't kiss me until date 5, and it just kind of happened without me needing to do anything.

      This guy, however, would kiss me on the cheek. I don't really know how to let a guy know I would be cool with it. I'm just myself, and most guys usually just go in for the kill. I really don't understand it. At all!

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    • I liked him. I'm not gonna cry into my pillow about it, but I would've liked to see him again. I wish he'd just left it at date 1 or 2, then I wouldn't care so much.

    • Maybe next time, just kiss him?

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  • Sounds like he didn't "click" with you first time. He probably wanted to appear nice the next times or I dunno. Maybe thought he should try another round.

    You are fed up? How many people did you date until now?

    • Well, we didn't click properly, but I also felt nervous around him, so it probably didn't help...and he didn't owe me anything by seeing me past the 1st and 2nd date...I'd rather he just have left it at date 1 or 2 if he didn't feel any connection. And the Facebook thing I don't get.

      Been on a few dates...just fed up with it though...with all the wondering of what will happen next. It's not exciting any more. It's a chore!

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  • catch him on fb and talk to him

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