Girls, Why did she keep looking me in the eyes?

There was a girl training in the gym. I went to set up my squat rack for squats.

she asked me for some weights , so I passed them to her she was quite friendly. But then throughout my workout , I started to find her quite attractive. So I looked at her a few times.

when I left to go to another room , she started always looking at me. Then she would make eye contact like every 5 minutes.

I left to walk out , she made eye contact again , then I was on a machine and she walked up to the machine next to me and looked me right in the eyes whilst walking up because of the intense eye contact I assumed she was going to say something but she didn’t.

then twenty minutes later , before leaving I was on a machine. She was facing the other way on a treadmill. Then when she got off , she walked passed me look me in the eyes again and then looked in my bag because it was open.

why she keep making intense eye contact? Then 3 weeks later I was shopping on my own. Turns out she works there and walked passed me. I think she noticed me because she kept looking at me and then when I was loading up my car she was outside and she watching me.
Girls, Why did she keep looking me in the eyes?
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