Girls, why does she keep smiling to her self and talking about me to her friend?

A girl walked over and asked if she could help in store. So I took the opportunity to ask her to pick her favourite male perfume. , I said which is her favourite out of them. Naturally, I flirted and said “I have to get it now” , she thought it was funny.

would visit often as I live around the corner for university , everytime I walked in though She would always have a smile on her face, then she would try and hide it if she saw me looking. But could see her failing when I started to smile too. She also would look around people to see if it’s me on other occasions. If she thought she saw me.

this went on for about a year. She would always stare , and look me when I’m not looking. But up close she would look away quickly or look cold. I was also kinda nervous too so would avoid eye contact.

However, she started my gym with her friend. She kept staring at me and I look back too. I could see her talking about me to her friend because her friend kept smiling at her and looking at me. Everytime I walked in , her friend would tell her I am around. If I walk near she start smiling to herself again. And trying to hide it if I can see.

Once I asked if she was finished with a weight. when I walked off she and her friend kept giggling which made me shy. Then again she overheard me talk to my friend about her saying I feel weird to talk to her and she kept smiling to herself and looking at me from the side.

I’m crap with signals or signs. Is this what she do if she like me? Why does she do all that. I have accidentally found her Instagram. I am not sure to add her or not. Will she think It weird? will it make her happy? Why did she keep smiling to herself when I’m around then trying to hide it? Also how does her friend seem to know about me? What kinda things would she say about me to her friend?
Girls, why does she keep smiling to her self and talking about me to her friend?
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