Girls, Why does she smile to herself when I'm around?

A girl who I tried to add on Facebook before introducing myself is confusing. So baaicly she didn't accept but then I introduced myself and she started always Tesco g me and asking everything I do. So I asked for her number and she gave it but then I asked her out and she said she's not single which she told me she was before giving her phone number, so I said sorry and then left her alone but in class she still looks at me and if I ignore her she calls me names to get my attention 🤔. So anyway I avoid her but I still speak to her friend on a Tuesday when she's in my class at break time. So I noticed she always secretly laughing at my jokes but acting like she laughing at her phone or just in general smiling to herself if I'm around. At time I tease her and say people call me names which is what she calls me just to secretely wind her up. So anyway I'm just confused by it all and she always goes quiet if I talk to other girls and makes comments about me with other girls that I talk to. And so e of her frievds stare at me in the library
Thought I would update , so I followed her friend on Instagram but i didn't follow her and her friend phoned her and told her. The day after she was being passive aggressive , jelous , kept robbing my chair and saying sarcastic things about me following her friend. But when any other guy do it she not bothered. But she always commenting about other girls. Im confused is this how a woman's act I find she's likes you?


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  • She totally has a crush. However, if the boyfriend is real or not, I'm not sure unless proven. I used to say I had a boyfriend because I wanted to play hard to get. If he is real she probably is trying to respect that but can't help liking u.

    • So why she keep smiling to herself and commenting on the fact that girls speak to me and stuff?

    • Girls do that when they have crushes.

    • Hi i updated , just wondering what you think 🤔🙂

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  • Probably bc she wants to respect her relationship but maybe has a crush


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