Why am I never good enough? Why am I not desirable to a guy?

Got told no one would ever approach you unless you distanced yourself from your prettier sister hurts. I'm not good enough standing next to her, but if I move behind or ahead of her I'll be approached? that's pathetic. I knew men were pathetic. I'll never be good enough. I'm the settle for less and she's the better one. happens with my friends all the time, guys come up to them, not me. guys come up to ask me about them. Everyone finds her attractive. I'm a bbw, and I'm in a few bbw groups and I made a threat about me being vulnerable and they asked for the photo of her and I. I've never cried so much, I've put it on here and got shot down. I'm bigger, and guys say it's in the eye of the beholder. But guys who claimed they like bbw told me "she's hotter than you" "no one will approach you if she's around" "You're ugly". They told me to stand away or go out alone. Or find ugly friends. Like wtf.. why am I never good enough like I am? Why can't someone approach me and WANT ME? Even if she is there or if someone else is there. why am I not good enough to be approached and be someone's apple of their eye in a room full of women.. beauty isn't subjective. guys say they like bbw but choose my sister, lol. so much for that. I guess I have to stand away from distractions. I thought someone would want just me. I thought I'd be someone's type. same thing applies with my friends I've never had been approached or bought ne a drink. like my friends get all the time. :/ oh well. I'm done. I know a model whose mutual friends with my friend and she comes over and talks about how guys are weird and simps. that they will do anything for her attention. whenever she comes over she talks about how my friends dad is creepy and has to keep her blinds closed. I wouldn't want my future partner make a woman feel uncomfortable. I wouldn't even stand a chance between Megan fox or someone of that nature. 😐 so you aren't as special as you think
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I was watching a interview with Irina Shayk guys in the comments were like "I love my wife, I love my wife"Who the fuck says this? this is why I give up on men.
this is what guys want, this is what guys follow, admire and like on social media. they don't want someone who looks like me. if every guy had the confidence he wouldn't want someone like me they settle for less with me. BEAUTY isn't subjective. That's what I learned
Why am I never good enough? Why am I not desirable to a guy?
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