Why am I such a waste of space?

guys always say how lucky the guy is when he gets a hot girlfriend. And how he scored so good on these girls.
when a guy gets with me people will feel bad for him cause I'm ugly and worthless. I'll be the settle for less type.. the best he could do. No man would choose me over an actual hot girl.

I'm the girl guys get with till someone better comes along. I'm the ugly friend who guys try to get with to try and get with my friends who are absolutely breathtaking. the guys that get with me are desperate or insecure or can't find better.

I'm not wrong, my mom and sister are beautiful always stared at by men, they are gawked at and guys instantly turn their heads. I see it all, I'm ignored. Why would I inconvenience another man when he could be with someone hot? I'm sure he will lust after her and other girls especially online. whats the point anymore?

I'm so hideous and ugly. I wish I was actually pretty. I wish I could be desirable to men. but I'm not.

oh well

So my man wouldn't lust after another girl? yes he fucking would. Stop acting like he wouldn't. He will probably be one of those men who follow half naked chicks online, and lust after models. So stop acting like someone is gonna be a great guy to me. I haven't seen it so it doesn't fucking exist. Men are too busy chasing the girl whose got every guy after her. No man wants a "too" available woman. I honestly can't stand men anymore. They aren't worth the time. They eventually get bored and start looking around.

Guys want the hot girl, until they date them and then they realize lol. Its disgusting they even wanna try. You will never be good enough for a fucking man. He will always want something better and think the grass is ways greener. I'm fucking done.

guess I'm not meant for a man, which fucking hurts. Because I always wanted to find love. But the ones who want it the most dont find it. I wish my mom threw me in the dumpster as a kid. Why am I a wasted space?
Why am I such a waste of space?
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