Guys, what are your favorite text messages that you receive from a girl?

Which words make you want to text her back or call her?

Any simple text phrases especially make you smile?


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  • Lets see the last ones I liked were 3..

    1. I made a joke and she joked.. In a flirty manner.. But Sorry its personal.. But there was a :)

    2. A picture of herself.. Nothing sexual.. Just a picture.. She's never done that befor... I liked it..

    I mean sure id love to get a pic of her in just underwear/bikini... I would like them alot..

    And even though it would turn me on because I'm a guy id acually hate a "nude" one of her..

    But this one was just her.. Nothing special.. But It was special to me because I was the only one to have it.. It made me smile :)

    3 the biggest one... She texted

    " :) "

    Thats it.. I was texting to make her happy and that's what she texted me.. I felt happy


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  • I miss you

  • the very act that she texted me means I will ignor her. if she wants to speek to me she can phone or come round.

  • I wish your arms were around me and I miss making love to you

  • She knows I don't like to text at all but she texts me just to tell me she misses me, but then says don't worry about texting back cause I kno you don't like to. But I end up texting her back every time Or when she sends a text that she'll be over in a couple minutes because she's just around the corner. That puts a smile on my face

  • im glad she just texted me, but when it something that's an inside joke or she responds with an inside joke to something I said I really like it because it means she has deemed something about me important enought to remember and is showing interest


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