Which woman seems like the best one based on their descriptions?

Clue: I'm describing members from GAG. Bonus points if you can correctly guess who they are.
Woman A: Tall, curvy-average build, auburn hair. Rational, slight sense of humor, relaxed/laid back, hard to get angry, supportive, pragmatic.
Woman B: Medium height, medium build, average face, brunette hair. Sarcastic, weird, tomboyish, interesting, likes vintage things, quirky sense of humor.
Woman C : Short, thick hips and booty, medium-big boobs, black hair. Sassy, charismatic, detailed, traditional, family-oriented, jokey.
Woman D : Tall, lanky/skinny, blonde hair. Tomboyish, smokes pot, loves music, plays electric guitar, interested in helping people, young at heart (likes cartoons and anime).
Woman E: Medium height, medium build, big boobs, brown hair. Outdoorsy, feminine, politically center, independent, logical, understanding.
Woman F: Medium height, average build, blondish-brown hair: Analytical, mathematic, curious, supportive, hard working, VERY sexual.
Woman G: Not tall, plus-sized/full figured, big boobs. Intelligent, sarcastic, creative, nerdy, problem-solver, loyal.
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+1 y

A - @JosyJosy (correctly guessed herself)
B - @Daniela1982 (correctly guessed herself)
C - @DizzyDesii (correctly guessed herself)
D - @rachel420
E - @Aerissa_Jade (correctly guessed herself)
F - @Mia-Wallace
G - Race/Gender-swapped @MCheetah (LMAO to the three that chose me! πŸ˜‚πŸ€£)
+1 y
D - @420Rachel (I meant)
Which woman seems like the best one based on their descriptions?
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