Which of these beautiful women do you find the most appealing?

These are my girl crushes by the way. Theyre all like 30-40 something year old mothers (except Shantel and Jasmine) who’ve all been either business women, video vixens, actresses, or models. Well not really but i do look up to some of them and theyre all beautiful. Im in love with their hair. All of them have naturally long hair but Toya and Lauren have since cut their hair so they sometimes add on. And each of them have the sweetest yet fiesty personalites #BlackIsBeautifulToo
  • Which of these beautiful women do you find the most appealing?Tae (black/korean)
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  • Which of these beautiful women do you find the most appealing?Lauren (black/white jewish)
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  • Which of these beautiful women do you find the most appealing?Toya (black)
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  • Which of these beautiful women do you find the most appealing?Shantel (black/white/indian)
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  • Which of these beautiful women do you find the most appealing?Darnell (black/french creole)
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  • Which of these beautiful women do you find the most appealing?Jasmine (black/german)
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  • Which of these beautiful women do you find the most appealing?Ayesha (black/chinese/jamaican/polish)
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I see no ones chosen Darnell. Dont underestimate her beauty. Watch an episode of Wags. And when u see how NFLs Reshad Jones made her cry, its so sad :( and her hair is soooo long and beautiful on the show
To see more of them, check them out on Insta or TV-
TAE (Nellys Ex) on music videos and BET The Game;
LAUREN (one of little Waynes baby mamas) on The Game, ATL, and This Christmas;
TOYA (lil waynes 1st baby mama) on Tiny & Toya or Growing Up Hip Hop ATL;
SHANTEL (Nellys current; Floyd Mayweathers ex) on Nellyville and The Platinum Life;
DARNELL (NFL Reshod Gates babymama/ex-fiance) on WAGS Miami;
AYESHA (NBA Stephen Currys wife) on The Food Network;
JASMINE (Chris browns ex) on insta


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  • They all fione I would have chosen Darnell cause she has that look that I like/love, but... I'mma have to go with Lauren London cause I gained a little crush on here after watchin ATL.. She was so cute, and chunky in that movie.. And she got them cakes.. *Whew* Well, actually in one way or another they all do.. This was a harder one though since they all look great..

    • Yea they all BEAUTIFUL! And aww u shoulda been the first to choose Darnell :( watch WAGs Miami one day. She so pretty

    • Well, I don't like to harp on beautiful women too much, in fact I almost hate it.. They already got an inflated ego.. I ain't keep kissin they a$$ unless I'm actually kissin they a$$.. LMAO.. But yeah Darnell is coo, but Lauren London is my girl.. She is where it's at for me..

  • Not really a balanced selection? no white women? and remember men and boys don't watch WAG's or TOWIE or Made in Chelsea or (supposed but really bad acting really) Real wives of any city you can mention.

    • These women are pretty much mixed, at least 3 are half white πŸ˜’

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    • Dont be racist (or i’ll go easy on you and say dont be stereotypical). Ayesha, Jasmine, Shantel, and Lauren are all half white

    • Playing the race card is a fairly cheap, low blow and any sympathy with your article and use of the term half white has now gone out of the window.
      Remember not everyone on GAG is American, in Europe we have a much more relaxed attitude to race and peoples origin.

  • I see you've got a thing for black women lol but the most appealing for me is ayesha she's got a cute smile a like that in a girl

  • lol hard to chose one... Lauren, Ayesha, Lauren, Ayesha, Lauren, Ayesha, Lauren, Ayesha... Lauren i chose Lauren in the end.

  • These pics are too low-res on my phone! πŸ˜›

    I think Lauren, Toya, and Darnell are very pretty...

    • Oh they look so out there on my phone. Haha sorry. But i agree with your choices :) i hate no ones picking Darnell

  • Never would've guessed Jasmine to be Black/ German
    I pick her

    In the world: Jenna Coleman that I can think of

  • I can’t decide between letter A and letter F but I chose letter F.

  • I'd say toya but i don't find any of them extraordinary... since you didn't place a "none" button i'll go with toya

  • Darnell chick is pretty but i have no idea who any of these girls are

  • Hot Damn. Just like other question, I could not choose on looks alone

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