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A colleague asked me out, I like her but is this the right thing to do?

Hi there, over the summer we hired some zero hr staff at my job, one of the new women on our team has been really promising and I've been working with them a lot. Her orginal mentor took some pto so I took over and showed her a few more things. She invited me out for her birthday, which me and a few other staff went to. We got on well, but I never want to seek things like that at work usually. Plus I'm not a very average person. I dress hella punk am covered in tattoos and pericings and I guess wrongly made assumptions about her personality based on her appearance. Cause in reality she is wildly different than I would have imagined and extremely confident in herself. I guess some part of her liked me, and I liked her too. Been a couple nights where we text back and forth late into the morning. Something I've not done since I was a teenager. I kept it all p. g professional up until now, maybe a few flirty texts when she flirts at me but nothing excessive. Well anyway the other night I got a text from her asking if I was free this week. I said yes because... well I would like to hang out with her. She's incredibly funny, and we share similar interests so even if it goes nowhere and we just have a good friend date Ill be happy. My concern is... am I crossing a boundary that could make work difficult or uncomfortable for her by saying yes? I respect her too much to risk her livelihood for a date, not that some of the other men at work get that. My manager for one always makes jokes about leaving his wife for her, and his boss called her an angel, which is fine I guess but also I'm by the mind she's at work and shouldn't be treated differently because of it. I was raised by a single mum and she always told me about the sexism she experienced all her life and I think I see it and don't want to contribute to that. I don't know am I making a mistake? Please help
A colleague asked me out, I like her but is this the right thing to do?
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