Why is it so hard for my ex to let me go?

ex broke up with me in 6 months ago. said he wanted to be single so I let him go. But he has not left me alone since. Every other week, it’s calls on *67 , messages on fake instagrams... He’s told me he loves me multiple times yet has gone out with other girls which is fine bc he is single. Most recently I had him blocked and he blew up my phone.
I told him I moved to the next city away. He begged to come take his boat out with me. He’s said he misses our friendship and I’ve made it clear I don’t want to be friends. He’s obviously attracted to me and I’m attracted to him. He ended up coming and bringing his boat and we had a great trip. Felt like we were in a relationship again. We went out to a bar and he got upset bc I was speaking to another guy. The lady we met at the bar said he told her he doesn’t want to lose me as a friend but also doesn’t want to see me with someone else and that he seems confused. But he doesn’t want to feel pressured into a relationship. He told me he felt they way when we first got together ( but that it was his own fault). We moved quickly in our relationship. Anyway, When we came back from the trip, he even invited me to his parents house on Christmas Eve and they were so happy to see me. Two nights later , I go to get my jacket from his house and he had another girl over. It was a big blow out and he said he loves me but he’s not in love with me and he doesn’t want to feel pressured. I told him love is a choice and that butterfly feeling will eventually go away.
Then I asked for my jacket back, I saw it in the kitchen and he tried to tell me he left it in his friends truck!! Trying to have a reason to see me again. Thankfully I got it back. I just don’t understand, if he’s got other girls, why won’t he just let me go. I just can’t fathom being this confused. But now I am because usually once you meet someone else, you move on. But he’s met other girls but still doesn’t leave me alone.
Why is it so hard for my ex to let me go?
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