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Am I a bad person if I want to dump a guy because he's boring?

I've been seeing this guy for like a month. At first I liked his energy and that he was so into me, and he's hot. We started as "just fun, no relationship" but then soon after he asked to be a couple and I said yes. At that time I really thought this is a good thing, but now that I spend more time with him and getting to know him, I find that he is very lazy, unmotivated and smokes a lot of weed. And plays video games all the time. Sometimes he would ignore my text for days (it's when he is stoned). Last night he came over (I was excited to see him after holidays with family), I wanted us to go out but he was so tired (from smoking and playing all day). He was like a zombie, he couldn't even get it up (he said he was jerking off all day). And this is not the first time, we talked about it already and he always says he's sorry about everything and that he will get his shit together. And then some days he is wonderful. But we don't do anything together except netflix and chill. When we do it's always on my command and he seems like a made him go. He is 3 years younger then me and also struggling with his job, he always complains how broke he is and how he wants to start his own business but never does anything about it. On the other hand, I am a business women with an excellent career, I can't stop wanting to be with a man who is the same (hardworking, responsible, reliable). I am so conflicted because I do have feelings for him, it's been such a long time since someone was so much into me and doesn't let go (been ghosted so many times before), he is very affectionate and I care about him, I don't want to hurt him. I'm scared to end it because I'm afraid I'll regret it when guys start treating me like shit again. I know I sound selfish, but any advice is welcomed. <3
Am I a bad person if I want to dump a guy because he's boring?
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