My friend joined the mafia because she is dating a mafia boss?

I know that this sounds like a movie, but it's true. So me and my best friend are both 17. Two weeks ago, she told me that she had a boyfriend, out of nowhere. After 3 days of knowing each other, she started a relationship with this guy. The only thing that she didn't really like, was the fact that he was 15 and she is 17. Then a few days later she told me that he lives in Scotland (We life in another country in Europe) and that he is a mafia leader. I was shocked, but happy to hear that he didn't live nearby. I told her that she's crazy and that this is not some kind of movie where you fall in love with the mafia boss, it's real life and the mafia is not fun. She told me that I couldn't tell anyone since it was top secret, then why did he tell you that secret so easily? Appearently he already told her on the first day. Which I found weird, but okay. Now it's two weeks later and today she told me that she actually has joined the mafia. Because she is dating the boss (Who is only 15 years old by the way), she has a high rank. I talked to the dude over the phone and he sounded kind. But there are multiple things that I find weird.

1. Why is the mafia boss only 15? He became the boss when he was just 13.
2. Why would he tell his secret so easily to her?
3. He is part of the royal army aswell, at 15 years old? He said that he might be send out to Ukraine aswell, which is not possible because of his age.

He either is lying about the entire mafia or he is lying about his age and is using my friend for something. I just find it weird and don't really know what to do. by the way, he has also killed people and is aggressive towards people when they do him dirty. Beside that, his ex accussed him of rape.. He said that it's not true, but I still find it very suspicious. He also wants to visit her and I do not know what to do. Knowing my friend, she fr would let him take her to his country, to never be seen ever again. Help lol
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Guys please, I know it sounds fake, but it really is not lmao. I am just as confused as y'all, because I first also started laughing, thinking it was a joke. But it's not. It's all real and I honestly really need help. The situation is so weird and fucked up, especially because my friend think that he is hot, because of what he does. She literally wants to carve his name into her favourite knife (She likes knifes). Beside that she has made pictures, where she does the mafia sign and stuff like.
My friend joined the mafia because she is dating a mafia boss?
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