What would you think if you got ghosted by the same guy?

Before I begin here, I'd like to say I was once hurt that I got ghosted. I understand people make mistakes, and I somehow thought this guy made a mistake. Him telling me how much it hurt him that he ghosted. Whether that was true or not.
Awhile ago, last year. I met this guy in December of 2020. Throughout the time we got to know each other, we took things slow. Grew onto liking each other. From knowing each other, things were always in my apartment (Red flag 1). Once we had sex, we always had sex. (Flag 2) Never told me when he made it home (Red flag 3) Said things how we'll travel together, do this and that. Him never following through (Red flag 4) Both liking each other, yet him not wanting a relationship just yet. (Red flag 5.) Y'all understand. I got ghosted from him due to myself having a lot going on. A text of his lead to miscommunication. Boom! Ghosted.
He comes back, still having my number. Messages me Happy New Year (2022) I was VERY confused. Not a sorry right away. Instead, I told him how I'm confused. He goes on telling me how much he's sorry. Thought about me during holidays, along with the chemistry we had. That I'm such a positive person in his life. Was in immediate guilt when he ghosted me. That he was such a d---k. Funny enough, I got my closure!
"Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me." I was an idiot, thought he made a mistake. Held my guard up high. Saw him triple of times in person. Gave me this cheap ass Valentines Day gift that I didn't take to heart. Knowing he wasn't changing. Ended up going on dates with others, keeping a distraction away. Wanting to persue a relationship.

Again, he never texted me he made it home. 3 days in of no text, I told him I was done. That I can't be the person to keep us alive. Hope he understands what he lost. Etc. Call me an idiot, but I feel so dumb that I was dumb enough to let this guy back in!

Any advice?
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Fun Fact : YES! I blocked this guy.
What would you think if you got ghosted by the same guy?
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