Help me plot to get my ex back?

With plot I don't mean manipulate, lie or play games. I mean more like an action plan.

First of all here's the reasons we broke up:
- I was where he lives to study
- Pandemic
- We both lost our jobs (pandemic)
- I couldn't stay bc no job bc of lockdown pandemic
- He could't come with me bc he had no money bc no job

We (mostly him) agreed that long distance was not it. Especially with our future plans so unclear.

Almost 2 years has gone by now and I've dated other guys, I moved on mentally, emotionally everything. The feeling of wanting him because of attachment is no longer there. If we don't end up together I'm ok with that. If he meets someone else I'm happy for him.

BUT... I want him still. He is the love of my life and we are very compatible. I got a job in the country he lives in, been working remotely and now I'm thinking of moving back there. So I want to at least give it another shot. But not in a "Hey let's give it another shot" type of way because that's too much pressure and I don't want to make him think I moved back there for him, that would be added pressure. I know I would feel some type of responsibility and pressure if he moved to where I live for me.

The reason I'm moving is to get as far away from my family as possible. And since I've lived there before it makes sense to me to move there. Especially since it's where I graduated and I got a job easily there vs where I live right now where there's lack of jobs and opportunities.
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I guess I’m asking more how to approach things. Even if he said all that it was a long time ago. I had a har time letting him go and I don’t want to come off as a crazy ex or add to much pressure to the situation.
Help me plot to get my ex back?
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