He agreed on having lunch with my family, is this a good sign?

So I’ve been dating non exclusively this guy for 8 months already, it’s a slow paced relationship because of past traumas of his so he doesn’t tend to take big steps in the relationship, just baby ones and I’m obviously okay with that.
I really like him, we are the people we see the most, hang out a few times a week, met my parents already (he gets along really well with them, always mentions how he likes my dad and how they are really kind towards him and since he doesn’t have that at his home it means a lot that they are this sweet with him).
He’s not ready for commitment yet (past trauma and he’s working on it, even saving money to go to therapy) but all of his friends treat me like I’m his girlfriend, he does too in front of them.
Thing is me and my family sometimes go spend the day with cousins on a nearby town, I invited him once a few months ago but he asked if he could bring his best friend (which I didn’t mind since I get along really well with him). But this time I invited him again and he said yes so he’s coming alone. We have to sit and have lunch with my whole family, etc, and he knows it. Should I take this as a big step? At least where I’m from you don’t take a friend to have lunch with your family, it would be heavily implied that we are together since my other cousins only bring their girlfriends/boyfriends.
Ps.: I just want an opinion on this, he literally has trauma to overcome so every baby step he takes means a lot. We are focused on building a strong emotional base since he didn’t have that before.
He agreed on having lunch with my family, is this a good sign?
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