What are his intentions if he asks me out to lunch but not dinner? people, y'all need to help me out here.

so there's this guy, who I just recently met. I had no idea that he was interested in me. Recently, we exchanged #'s and he started texting a lot and sent me mixed messages. today, he came clean & told me that he is interested in me because I told him that he was basically confusing. He broke up with his girl a few months ago and we went on a casual lunch a few wks ago and he thought that my playful behavior (arm touching) was suggestive of my interests. I am not sure what I was doing at that point in time and not sure exactly how I feel yet. He is a nice guy, but I don't know how I feel.

anyway, he first asked me to come over to his place and watch a movie and when I said it was too soon to go over his place, he suggested lunch, but not dinner. I even said I could do dinner, but he stuck on the idea of lunch, but not dinner. why is that? is it sort of because I am still attached to someone else? He knows I am attached, but that I am not in love with this other person anymore & that I am planning on ending it pretty soon. He said that he understands my view of going over his place being too soon...what does it all mean? am I just being his rebound? I even asked him to his face, but he denied it. is going over to watch a movie a "booty call"? why no dinner, but lunch, which I get as being more casual, but what I do not understand is if he wants to keep things casual, then why the invitation to his house...isn't that even a bigger step than dinner?

by the way, when I say I am attached..just my boyfriend, not married, not living together and no kids...never lived together, but been with the same person for many years. fyi, he never wants to marry me...EVER! so that's the reason, I guess I am talking to other guys. I know its wrong at some levels, but there's no future with my current bf...& I am planning on ending it soon, but its really hard to do because we have been together for really long time. I love him, but not in love w him, I think.


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  • If you're going to play the field I think you should break up with your current boyfriend so you can date freely without feeling ashamed or bad about it. Considering the fact that you have been with your boyfriend for a long period of time the least you can do is let him go so he can find someone else who is in love with him. Don't be so selfish :)

    • i am not being selfish, but as I said, its just really hard to let go of him..been together almost 12 years. although I see him a LOT less than before...in the past, I used to see him everyday and nowadays, we see each other maybe only 2 or sometimes 3 times a week.

  • If anything he's going to be your rebound and he could be Intrested by the sounds of it...he's probably lots busy to do dinner.

    • no not really...he is not my rebound...not really anything at the moment..i don't even know how I feel about him, just a bit attracted I guess..

      .he is interested, he already told me that straight up! and no he is not busy to do dinner...if he really was busy, then why invite me over to watch movies the same evening?