What can short guys do when the whole dating scene is dominated by tall guys?

I have seen that on dating apps and irl as well girls adore tall guys. On dating apps I frequently see "only swipe right if your height starts with 6", " 5 ft guys should be dead", "if you're height starts with 5 you're just a friend".

Also in IRL I have seen girls having a hard inclination towards tall guys. They would just throw themselves on the tall guys.

Meanwhile short guys barely get any attention. Most of the short guys are ready to settle in less as well but it's unfortunate that tall guys take it over.

Tall guys can have like multiple girls at the same time and even if they breakup with one they'll go on the other and so on.

Meanwhile short guys can't lose anyone because it will be rare that any other girls would be interested in them romantically.

Short guys are just a friendship material. I know it's preference by biology but I think that short guys should get extinct.

A girl will never be interested in a short guy because her friends will probably tell her to not be with the short guy. And tall guys are a social status symbol so all her friends would like it.

And the guy should be not only taller than the girl but also taller than the other guys. Because it's more like a competition now.

Even when you're taller than the girl, it doesn't mean you're good. You need to be taller than her with her heels and still be 2-3 inches taller.

But anyways now I'm gonna be bombarded with comments like "you're an incel", "you're a midget, deal with it". No one tries to understand the point.

But at the end we're men and we need to accept ourselves even though we're cursed in societal standards.

What should a short guy do then?
What can short guys do when the whole dating scene is dominated by tall guys?
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