When you sleep with your neighbor?

Long story short , me & my roommate are friends with the girls on our hallway in our apartment. I hooked up (slept) with one of them and we’ve been going with the flow, flirting.

I went out of town for a few weeks and we stepped it up a notch with our texts and started getting more relationship vibes (goodmorning, I miss you). But I was never needy (she’s my neighbor & in my friend group) so I keep it cool. She perused me.

A mutual friend asked me a few questions about her (being nosey), I kept it light but mentioned a thing or two that I didn’t like about my girl.

Suddenly a day later, my girl tells me rather be friends & that we should keep distance for a week or two and be friends & how she DEEPLY cares about me but we’re not compatible. She was crying. I kept it calm and agreed. Two days later, she texts me a news article and starts a conversation. We’ve been keeping it civil! But she continues to slide up on my snap stories and starting conversations.

What’s the game here? I’m confused.. I understand if she wants to be friends, but she already reaching out 2 days after the break.
When you sleep with your neighbor?
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