How do I tell my mom I am not ready to date at 30?

So, i am gonna turn 30 in 2 weeks and I am still single, i have been single for years now, at first because i couldnt find anyone i actually liked but i started enjoying being by myself, a little too much i guess ahah.

Anyway, i moved back to my parents house a couple of years ago to help them take care of my grandma, she passed away this month but i got used to help my parents and i feel bad leaving them alone now... (Also, I live in Europe and it's kinda normal around here)

My only problem is, I am good single, i have too much anxiety to start dating again, I also am very scared of intimacy so for now, I think the best option is really to just be single but my mom ask me on a daily bases when i am getting married and giving her grandkids, I don't know what to tell her anymore, I already said I dont want to get married, that i don't want children (even tho i do, but like i said i am scared of intimacy so...), that I want to stay single, that I just want cats... I mean, I tried it all and she keeps asking every single day, it's starting to affect me mentally.

I love my mom so much and I know she is just worried that I will probably regret not dating in 10y or so... I don't know, is anyone in the same boat?
How do I tell my mom I am not ready to date at 30?
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