After the first date should I text/call him or should I wait for him to?

Last night, I went on a date from a guy that I met on a online dating site. We went out to dinner and had a good time. At the end of the date we hugged each other and he said to text him when I got home so he knows that I got home safely. I text him when I got home saying that I got home safe and thank you again for dinner. I had a good time tonight. He text me back saying Good. I'm home too. I had a good time. I didn't see that message though until the morning or I would of probably just text back saying good night if I did, oh well.

My question is:

Should I wait for him to text/call me?

Or should I send him a quick text to him? And if I do what should I say? And when should I send the text? Now or in a day or two? If I wait a day or two should I call him instead of texting?
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Any suggestions on what I should text him?

Should I just say: Hi, How are you? I hope you are having a good day.
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Ok, well I just text him saying Hi Mike! Just thinking of you and the wonderful time I had the other night. Hope we can do it again sometime soon. Hope you have a Great Day! TGIF!

He responded right away saying "It was fun- I'm looking forward to next time. Hope you have a good weekend!

I responded "Me too! Enjoy your weekend and try to stay cool in this hot weather.

He responded back " I will- talk soon

I responded "ok, have a good day at work"
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So it has been one week from the date that we had and 5 days ago that I texted him and he texted me right back should I text him again? Or just forget it?

If I sent him a text I was going to say something like- Hi! Just wondering how your week is going? Mines been a little hectic. I wanted to know if you are still interested in meeting up again? I am heading to the city on Monday and I wanted to know if you would want to get together then

After the first date should I text/call him or should I wait for him to?
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