After the first date should I text/call him or should I wait for him to?

Last night, I went on a date from a guy that I met on a online dating site. We went out to dinner and had a good time. At the end of the date we hugged each other and he said to text him when I got home so he knows that I got home safely. I text him when I got home saying that I got home safe and thank you again for dinner. I had a good time tonight. He text me back saying Good. I'm home too. I had a good time. I didn't see that message though until the morning or I would of probably just text back saying good night if I did, oh well.

My question is:

Should I wait for him to text/call me?

Or should I send him a quick text to him? And if I do what should I say? And when should I send the text? Now or in a day or two? If I wait a day or two should I call him instead of texting?

Any suggestions on what I should text him?

Should I just say: Hi, How are you? I hope you are having a good day.
Ok, well I just text him saying Hi Mike! Just thinking of you and the wonderful time I had the other night. Hope we can do it again sometime soon. Hope you have a Great Day! TGIF!

He responded right away saying "It was fun- I'm looking forward to next time. Hope you have a good weekend!

I responded "Me too! Enjoy your weekend and try to stay cool in this hot weather.

He responded back " I will- talk soon

I responded "ok, have a good day at work"
So it has been one week from the date that we had and 5 days ago that I texted him and he texted me right back should I text him again? Or just forget it?

If I sent him a text I was going to say something like- Hi! Just wondering how your week is going? Mines been a little hectic. I wanted to know if you are still interested in meeting up again? I am heading to the city on Monday and I wanted to know if you would want to get together then


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  • I hate all these rules that society has supposedly created. When I go on a good date I don't want to wait two days to hear from her. I had one girl that texted me smily before I was even out of the parking lot and I thought it was great. I find that the longer you go from date until contact the more awkward things are. I wouldn't suggest texting him 20 times a day or anything like that but I don't see an issue with sending a simple text to say hi. Calling vs texting is up to you, I text because I get nervous and I say stupid things.

    • I so hate all the so call dating rules. What do you suggest I should write in my text message to him?

    • Ya the dating rules are dumb, I'm glad I don't know them anyway. My perspective was "Do I want to call this person, yes!, OK so I do it". One time I had a trip planned for Vegas and I had only been dating this girl for 2 weeks, but I really wanted her to come with me even though I had planned the trip before I met her. So, I just asked her and low and behold she said yes. We had a great time too.

    • If it hasn't been too long you could just say 'I had a great time last night', or 'It's so hot out today I wish we were at the beach', maybe just 'hi' or if you're a bit more bold ask him if he wants to go for a walk, or coffee, or whatever. I don't think it matters so much what you say so be yourself and don't over think it.

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  • I think you should text him or you two can be playing the waiting game forever. I would leave out the middle question (I wanted to know if...) and skip from "a little hectic." to "I am heading to the city...". The second option, and what I would lean towards if it was me, is to just text him the first part up to "a little hectic." then after he responds and you've talked for a bit ask him if he'd like to get together while you are in the city.

  • That seemed like a good convo... Question for you regarding his response... Seeing how it's Friday and all, how would you have felt if he had said. "It was fun - dinner tonight?". Is that what you wanted or would that have come across like he wasn't sure and was waiting on you to respond? Positive or negative vibe?

    • It would of been nice if he said lets meet for dinner but he sort of new that I am really busy this weekend. I probably should of said in the last text. I'm looking forward to talking to you, but I didn't. I guess, now it is up for him to text or call me since I made the first move and texting him again I think would look like I am trying too hard. Do you think what I said told him that I was interested? I guess he could be just being nice but I feel that why even mention about a next time

    • I would tend to interpret that as interested, both in the speed of his response and the fact that he agreed to a next time. If you haven't heard from him by next week when your life slows down I wouldn't see anything wrong with a message like "had a very busy weekend as expected but still good. how was yours?" Mainly because of the comment about him knowing you are busy, he may be waiting to contact you. That's a simple way of both saying hi and letting him know that life has slowed down

  • If you want to see him again, I say go for it.

    • I'm thinking that since it is getting late that I will have to wait until the morning to text him. In his profile it says he likes to get texts messages that puts a smile on his face. Any suggestions what I should text him?

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    • The problem is, that I already said that in the text I sent him that night. I don't want it to sound like overkill. He ask me to text him when I got home so when I got home I text him and said "I just wanted to let you know that I got home safely. Thank you again for dinner. I had a good time tonight. He text me back saying "Good. I'm home too. I had a good time. So I feel that we already said that. I don't know. I hate the whole uncertainty of dating.

    • In that case, probably send something like what you asked in the update. THEN throw in the request for another date.

  • That is good news, now we just need to get him to agree to an actual date or something. Everything was vague, but it is still good news. Yay!

  • Send him a text. If I had a fun date with the girl and I really liked her I would be super excited if she sent a text the next day.

    • What should I say in the text? I want him to know that I am interested but I also don't want to think that I am too needy either.

    • Just ask him how his day was and if he wants to grab a bite to eat with you tomorrow or watch a movie at your place or whatever, something casual/comfortable and laid back. Warning: if it is at someone's place he'll probably expect to cop some feels.

    • if it was me and you invited me over for a movie after one date the only expectation (read hope) I would have is to have you snuggle up next to me and maybe a simple kiss here and there. Another really easy and rejection free way is to send him a nice good night or good morning text that doesn't require a response just to let him know you are thinking about him

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  • Text him back.. I think a guy only texts you if he wants you to respond, so he will probably be a bit hurt and disappoint if you don't

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