Is it my turn to text him first? Or should I wait for him? Guys opinions?

Me and this guy text each other quite frequently. We talked both last Sunday and Wednesday for over an hour (him replying within a minute of me sending a text..i took a little longer but basically we sent a lot of texts) Often times our convos are kinda ongoing, I'll have to go suddenly (I have to help my mom a lot) and won't get the chance to reply for a few days. On Wednesday we had a really great convo, but I had to go, but I did actually end it by telling him I had to go. He said "ok I'll ttyl =)" We haven't talked since and he hasn't texted me..Should I wait for him to text me? Or since I ended the convo am I supposed to text him first next? Guys what are your thoughts on it all? Do you like when girls text you first or do you like to do that if you like them?


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  • Doesn't matter who texts first. It should be based on wanting to talk to him and him wanting to talk to you. If you want to talk to him, you should text him, and vice versa. Don't take that, though, to mean that if he doesn't text you he doesn't want to talk to you. Just like you between Sunday and Wednesday, it may just be that he hasn't had a chance to text.

    • Ya he is very busy, works almost everyday plus writes his own music. Ocasinally he will text me first but only if he has a "excuse" like asking how my play went or asking me if I had Facebook so I could check out his new song. When I do text him we have good convos and he seems to enjoy it he replies within a minute or two at the most (even when he's busy like writing a song or something) uses lots of smilies\emotions\exclamation points, sends pretty long texts and asks questions.

    • First of all he sounds like a good guy with a work ethic and some passion. Kudos. Second, I (obviously) don't know how it is for the ladies, but guys usually try to find an "excuse" to talk to someone they're interested in. While it may sound underhanded, it's really just a way of approaching without exposing any feelings, which is a big no-no for guys, if you didn't already know. He seems like he's trying to find things in common and open up future conversations with asking about your play...

    • ...and introducing you to his music. If you are legitimately interested in him, show it by texting him first sometimes. It's like the opposite of a red flag.

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  • wait for him too, its the only way you can't lose

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