She said she wants to be friends first?

So a few weeks ago I (m26) was introduced to this girl (28) by my friend at a party.
We've been talking a little and I kissed her with her kissing me back. We exchanged numbers and met the next week. We've been on a walk and talked with having a lot in common. When I kissed her, she again kissed me back but asked me afterwards what I'm looking for, which I told I was not 100% sure yet since we just met, but I like her. So she told me she's having commitment issues (and a quarterlife crisis) because she had a boyfriend for 10 years and that's her only experience and that she wants to know me more. I told her we can just move very slow but asked her if it's fine to get to know each other and still kiss which she says would be fine.
Then the next day she sent me a long text explaining that she can't do it this way, that she needs us to be friends first and that she understands if I don't want to.
I told her that I wouldn't think less of her this way and that we just take our time. Then we agreed to meet the next weekend again, I thought at a "neutral" place for some coffee but she just invited me over to her place and again, we talked a lot and had a great time. The following two weeks texting first got more and then very little which felt sorta weird but that's normal to an extend I guess.
We wanted to meet today, but she cancelled last minute because she needed alone time, which I mean ofc I understand to some extend, but obviously didn't feel to good.
My question now is, I don't want to just be her friend or end up in the depths of the friendzone. It feels like she likes me but is scared and scarred.
Any tipps on how to communicate her that I am willing to be patient, but don't want to be just friends?
I'm on holidays the next two weeks and thought about just pretty much telling her this when I come back.

Thanks for any advice!
She said she wants to be friends first?
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