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Guys, is it a big issue if I don't have any real hobbies? Please read?

When it comes to dating, I'm really worried that this is the reason why I am so unlucky in love, because I'm not very active person nor interesting enough for the guys.

I feel like after work and duties and all that needs to be done, you don't really have enough free time for hobbies and even if you do, if you are a homebody like me then you're happy just to be in a nice cozy calm place, home.

What I like to do:
- Play videogames from time to time (mostly horror games, RPG when I was younger)
- I like watching movies, especially old good movies and horror flicks
- I love good music, I prefer old music (80s, new-wave and similar).
- I like to spend time with my very few closest friends but it's so much harder now that we are all adulting lol
- I like to shop fashion and little things but I am still considerate while I do so
- Sometimes I like to bake (sometimes because not always it is eatable)
- I like eating out but as I said, I do it only when I can really afford it
- I do like animals a lot, care after them
- I also like cars, no pro but I know a bit about them, I like driving and I can myself traveling somewhere far, treat myself and my closest ones

This is most of the stuff I do after I come home from work and once are all the household duties done.

I'm kind of a nerd but I never really wanted to date a nerd. Is that normal?

Are hobbies/interests like these strange or not good enough?
It's fine, I'd prefer a more calm girlfriend
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Not for me, I'd prefer a more active girlfriend
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Guys, is it a big issue if I don't have any real hobbies? Please read?
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