Relationships & there hope for any loyalty anymore?

It seems every couple nowadays has their issues. Which is understandable, but it seems that once an issue arises people go for the big hit, divorce, break up, cheating, etc.

My question is Why? Why can't people be loyal anymore, I've met fewer loyal and honest people and it seem to keep building and building. For example one of my ex friends used to cheat on his girlfriend - I chose to befriend him because of that situation, I didn't want to be seen as "that kinda guy" because of his actions or have people think I supported it. I've talked to girls who get asked to take pics of their bodies and boobs and whatever by grown men who are married, they excuse is "its only a pic"...come on people why can't you just be took an oath to be loyal till death...what is so hard to understand that relationships and marriages take work and that if people worked as hard at their relationships and marriages as they did at their job then there would be a less of a divorce rate and break up rate in this nation.

People don't we realize that all kinds of relationships have issues and every now and then it comes to a argument. Family issues, Bf/Gf issues, Friend issues...Cant people pick their battles and understand that some of them aren't just worth getting into especially if its with the one you love.

I just can't put a finger on the reason why people cheat or do dirty things (like ask for pics of younger girls) when they are married or in a relationship. Can't people just be honest with one another...if you're going to cheat just break up, what's the point in cheating anyways? cheaters become so insecure and worried about their other half when really its them that's in the wrong. The end up having trust issues because of their past, I just don't get why someone would do that to have that feeling of regret hanging over their head or even how some people don't have that and act like nothing happened...

What's going on in the world today...what happened to real love? What happened to "till death do us part"...It sometimes makes me insecure that this is so common and its almost accepted by the country...People why not just be happy with the one you love, can't people just take their time, date, then be engaged, move in together, then get married...that way you have so many ways to see if it won't work before you both say "i do"...its just hard for me to understand how this is so frequently happening nowadays, its a shame and I wish people would think before getting into these lawsuits of divorce and/or jumping into marriages...

what are your thoughts on this kind of topic? why are people so quick to get divorced or quick to marry...doesn't anyone remember that the turtle won the race and not that rabbit...
Relationships & there hope for any loyalty anymore?
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