Why is she becoming distant?

So there's this girl who I met online, and only live like an hour away. I asked her out online a couple months ago, she ended up saying no which was fine. I enjoyed her company enough to stay friends (still like her but not gonna try anything and trying to give up on it) with her. We'd play pretty much every night and all that.

She ended up asking to meetup but it seemed like she just wanted me to drive her to her friends house, so I declined. She asked if I'd be down to go hangout with her friends another time, I thought about it and since this is online and I've already been rejected, I don't particularly want to get closer so I said no. So to let go of this crush I started talking to another girl who seems to be interested in me, but when I did this, the first girl started to become distant and I don't know what's happening with her. My instincts are telling me she likes me and is jealous but my actual logical mind is telling me she just wanted attention and now she's not getting it and is looking elsewhere to get it.
Why is she doing this, it doesn't make sense.
Why is she becoming distant?
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