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Is over communicating a red flag early on in dating?

So I just started talking to this guy online about a week and a half ago. We FaceTimed within a few days of messaging and then had a date. Now he texts me multiple times a day (many times double or
Triple texts) and wants to talk on the phone every other day. He’s already dropping hints about Valentine’s Day. As a fello introvert that needs space this is a bit much for me. Is this too much or obsessive? Potential red flag? It kind of feels like a lot of pressure and chore to respond or make all this time to talk so early on. I want to take things slow which I expressed but everyone’s version of that could be different. My last dating experiences also make me a very cautious person. This guy seems nice but disposition wise a little intense as well which makes me more cautious.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, I’ve been talking to another guy and we have been messaging for a few months. We’ve talked on the phone a couple times and hopefully will be meeting soon. He’s more more lax and chill and respects my space. He seems a bit more normal which makes me feel more at ease.
Is over communicating a red flag early on in dating?
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