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East Asian Women are gold diggers?


I saw 3 of my guy friends almost drained out of their accounts by their Chinese girlfriends.

My uncle who married a Chinese lady was also had his bank account emptied out and when he divorced her, she went full on crazy.

At university, I met several Chinese women who were all looking for a rich, handsome white guy to extend their stay in the UK. 2 of them were doing PhDs with the sole purpose of staying in the UK and getting a white guy. These two girls literally said that aloud at a party and everyone was shocked by what they heard. They were quite wealthy hence could afford living in London in lavish serviced apartments. They also hated on Asian men saying how Asian men are ugly, short and close minded while white guys are open minded.

I met another Chinese girl who was hooking up with a white man and used to send desperate texts , asking him to come over to her place for sex even though her spoken English was pretty bad. She also loved how white men fetishized Asian women saying it's amazing because that's so easy for her to get a white guy. Regardless, not one attractive white guy liked her and she always ended up with the ugly ones.

I'm not saying all east Asian or Chinese women are bad or gold diggers but there definitely seems to be quite a lot of them who want money, sex and the citizenship. One of my close friends was hated on by a Chinese female student because my friends now boyfriend chose her instead of the Chinese girl and she made racist comments against my friend who is Indian.

Furthermore, there are several Asian women (again east or south east) who are seen with old white men , who are literally in their 50s.

I'm not really sure if you guys have experienced this but are they really so hungry for money and white men?

East Asian Women are gold diggers?
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