Why are so many women gold diggers?

I HATE GOLD DIGGERS!!! WHY ARE THERE SO MANY OF THEM? They're left and right and here and there and absolutely everywhere. Why are they all over us while we have a lot of money to spare but they're all gone when you want something serious? These gold diggers are disgusting to even just look at.

before you ask who hurt me. I got ignored yet again. How Unsurprising. if you want money, earn it by your own selves for heavens or hells sake!
if you want a good man, then the money or the lack thereof means nothing about him.
make up your minds or get off the dating sites! And stop lying about it! I hate liars just as much as gold diggers!
Why are so many women gold diggers?
Why are so many women gold diggers?
because being a whore is fun and it pays decent. someone is always paying
because women don't love men but they do love money
because men are trash, who want only one thing for only one night
because it's easy and convenient
because that's what poor girls end up doing growing up
because being a gold digger was always trendy and profitable
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Why are so many women gold diggers?
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