Guys I need to know your thoughts bout this

Ok, I prefer to put it in detailed as possible so you could picture the whole story and able to give me your thoughts.

i hope you're familiar with myyearbook. I met this guy when she viewed me and request to be friend. I accepted it and we exchange ym. were both working in middle east but NOT same country. (im giving you the settings)

first weeks, I mostly received offline messages with him saying sweet words and dropping hi. of course, I appreciate it and replying him back but not that often.

until such time, because I currently have crush on my coworker, I confided it to him and he just gave me advise and told me to be careful in trusting blah blah. and yeah, the crush was ended and didn't pursued for some other reason.

til then, we often find each other online and start having nice conversation, jokes, chaging of humors, making fun of our expressions in webcam until we both feel asleep and just say good nights and sweet dreams. that's the settings. he also have TWO teddy bears (guy and girl) in his room. at first, I'm thinking who gave it to him because seems weird that a guy has it in his own pad and he just explains that he finds it in airport and bought the last two bears. anyway, that bears deepen the connection between us because one time, he asked me my number bec he wants to take picture of the bear and send it to me because he will go to bahrain so I will not be able to see the bears while he is there. until then, he sends me messages morning and at night. sometimes he will sms me in middle of my sleep and ask if he could call me then he will just say good night. and sms me that the intertnet is not good and he is sad can't online

i really feel comfortable with him, I want to think that he likes me. one time, we use to call each other "boy space friend / girl space friend" and one time, he forgot the word space and he was so red in cam when I told him to check what he typed. and he is so embarassed and told me "im sweating, how come I forgot that space" and he is really shy bout it that's why I know he didn't do it in purpose. sometimes he is telling me that he wants me to trust him because he will break my trust to him. he is very sweet.

i don't know if he likes me or he is just born to be that good? also, would it work and possible for a guy to pursue or like a girl though you know the distance, culture (religion) difference. how would I know if he is just being nice or also like me?

honestly, I'm starting to think to step back because I might fall to him and just hurt but I know if I do that, I'm just unfair because this guy doesn't do anything and him being nice is not his fault. what do you think guys?

Guys I need to know your thoughts bout this
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