Can any guy decode this first date behavior?

I went on a first date last week which was amazing but I had some minor details that I was hoping someone could provide insight on:

1. I noticed as I was driving that when I'd turn to look at him he was already looking at me, smiling. This happened a few times and when I'd jokingly ask him what he was looking at or why he was smiling he'd just continue to smile and say nothing.

2. At the end of the date he didn't kiss me, he gave me two hugs. The second one lasted longer as if we didn't want to let go.

3. He told me he hasn't been that happy in the longest time and he hasn't smiled that much in years.

4. He texted me as soon as I got home to let me know that he had an amazing time and can't wait to see me again.

I had a beyond amazing time with him but I was just wondering about the no kiss thing. He has told me in the past that he wanted to kiss me (and tried to once but we had to stop after a second due to the location). I'm just surprised he didn't kiss me.

Any thoughts?


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  • 1) You were driving? Why wasn't he picking you up and taking you out?

    2) Where were the two of you at the end of the date? If you were someplace public, I might understand his reluctance to kiss you. (That's why he should be picking you up and dropping you off at your home.) I wouldn't read too much into this behavior just for date #1, but if you go another date or two and he hasn't tried to kiss you, that's not a good sign.

    3) This item concerns me the most. In the early stages of dating, each of you should be putting your best foot forward. He's not doing that; he's telling you how depressed he is. You're not there to be his therapist.

    4) Texting is fine, but it's how he acts in person that really counts.

    • lol its kind of a complicated situation. He's older than I am and we work together and so I insisted on picking him up so that no one would really put two and two together as far as us going out. And we were some place public. We've been friends for a while and he's recently revealed a lot of personal information to me, so I suppose this happy comment may be related to that. But I think it was more so just a comment because of how hard we were laughing the whole time we were out.

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  • Sounds like he might be a little bit shy. He doesn't dare to kiss on the first date, but he is trying to let you know he likes you : the hugs, the message as soon as he gets home.

    I think you should take a bit of pressure off for him the next date, If you want the "goodbye" kiss, why don't you make the move for it?

    • I wanted to but I didn't want to be too forward in the event that he didn't want to kiss me.

    • I can understand. Just don't worry about it too much. You like him, he likes you, it'll be fine.

  • Maybe he's taking things a little more slowly - but from that information, it definitely sounds like he's interested in the possibility of date #2.

  • He may not have been comfortable kissing you at the time, maybe his breath wasn't the best? :P

    There's a slight possibility it completely slipped his mind to?

    Give him a few more dates and then report back :)

    • lol will do! what do you think about the rest of it though? I think it went well

    • sounds like the date went like how dates should! :)

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