Why did he suddenly stop texting me?

Okay so there's this guy that I like and we used to flirt a lot and stuff and we would text like everyday. We were only friends, nothing more, and we have never gone on a date, even though we like each other. But for some reason, he just all of a sudden stopped texting me? I know he liked me Because he would call me babe and say flirty things and we kissed, but ever since then he just stopped? I know he didn't stop of the kiss being bad Because he even told me he liked it and wanted to do it again, and we did. I'm just wondering why did he stop texting me all of a sudden, if I make any sense? Do you think he just lost interest in me?
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Srry, I forgot to mention that its been about a week since he's texted me. And I know nothing is wrong with his phone because my birthday was yesterday and he said happy birthday to me, but nothing really more.
Why did he suddenly stop texting me?
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