Why did he suddenly stop texting me?

Met a guy online. We exchanged numbers an got talking via whatsapp he seemed easygoing an cool. An not like most guys asking for sexy pics or making out like it's what he's after. He seemed slot different an I liked that also found him attractive.

Another thing was a liked the fact he didn't play games an would always text first ask how I am an what I am doing. Sent pics of his morning view when he's training outside. An one of his face.
he was bit flirty but nothing too rude or anything just banter.

When he didn't reply for a while other day he apologised saying he left phone at home but it kept saying online an then last seen then online on his phone.

So wasn't sure he was telling truth unless someone in his family was using it. I didn't chase him down or say why didn't you reply as I know that's not right an I got no right to do that as I am not with him. I took a laid back approach no chasing or anything. He tells me when he's ill what he has for dinner etc general day to day things that people talk of.

Which I enjoyed he said he loved talking to me also. I asked him other day how many other girls you talking to he said 2 but he's not in position to date a few women so would only hangout with me. So then I thought well why talk to them then but hey not my business. I find it hard talking to more then one as it puts me off. So I was only talking to him. He asked to meet last week but I was busy.

He was cool with that an then I suggested meeting this week an he told me says he is free we agreed on Thursday. I have an infection in chest so I am very unwell but I have still been messaging him yesterday as he asked am I still getting sick that was 2pm yesterday. Since then he has not responded.

He last messaged Tuesday at 2pm. I was telling how I was unwell. An he said oh that sucks an are you still getting sick. i replied to it and he read it but not said a thing. Not even a get well but he was
Why did he suddenly stop texting me?
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