Girls sending first message/chat request to guys on online dating sites?

I'm new to online dating and although I get plenty of messages from guys I much prefer sending chat requests myself because that way I can choose the ones I like the look of myself, rather than pick from the ones who messaged me. If they don't like me I don't mind I'm not a sensitive person really, but is it a bit of a turn off for a girl to message a guy first? I know they like to be able to do the initiating, but I get bored waiting to see if they will message or not.

Girls: Do you make the first move in online dating? How has it worked out for you?

Guys: Is it a turn off for a girl to initiate?

Also if it makes a difference. I'm pretty, but not gorgeous. And I'm 19.


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  • I've done it a few times and they always respond favorably. I prefer to do that too because I have more control over who I want to meet.

    • Yea, I think it usually goes pretty well, I just hoped it wasn't giving off any kind of desperate vibe :P

    • I don't think you would. I like to play it off by sending them a message where it seems like I don't expect a response back haha, my little trick.