He hasn't taken me on a date after 7 months?

So I've been seeing this guy for 7 months and he hasn't made any effort to take me on a date or anything. I mean, I don't want to sound materialistic or snobby, but I'd like to go on a date once in a while with my guy. At least do something with some kind of memorable value. He hasn't really done anything special, romantic, etc. Either to even make some kind of attempt. I've mentioned it to him once or twice and he insists he'll get to it. 7 months later and he still hasn't gotten around to it... What should I do? :/


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  • what do you mean by a date? a day of fun-filled activities? or just having a dinner out just the two of you?

    • hell, I'd settle for a planned dinner IN with him. Out would be nice, but if he would even do a sweet dinner in or a planned movie night or something.. I'm not even picky.. And yes, he knows this..

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    • I've tried and he says no because the man should do that...

    • just prepare a home-cooked candlelit dinner then ;) sounds cheesy but whatever!

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  • some guys just don't like to go on dates. me on the other hand tho I love going on dates if I had a girlfriend for 7 months I probally would have taken her on at least 5 or 6

    • 5 or 6 times would be boring to a lot of women my man. Home bodies sometimes can turn into home by yourself bodies.

    • notice how I said at least I would of probally taken her out more than that I like having my gfs having a good time cause you got a happy girlfriend and you get bonus points

    • come to think of it I probally would of taken my girlfriend out at least like 14 times in 7 months if noot more

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  • Unfortunately this happens a lot. Decide if it is really that important it you. If it is, move on and find someone more suitable to your boyfriend expectations.