It'll be my first kiss? Tomorrow, I'm going to kiss him.

He's tried to kiss me already, but I was too shy and backed out. Tomorrow, I wanna just GO UP TO HIM, and kiss him - get it over and done with.

Do you guys have any tips? It would be GREATLY appreciated. This is going to be my fist ever kiss and I really don't want to mess it up.


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  • I dunno, if you sneak up on him and he hasn't brushed his teeth or ate garlic, it might not be that fun.

    Other than that, it'll feel pretty natural. People has been doing it for tens of thousands of years


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  • Don't go TOO fast, or he'll automatically dodge his head to avoid a collision. Don't do anything too fancy or take too long. Maybe just a little peck on the lips.


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  • If it's your first kiss don't try to do any tongue acrobatics and lick his face of. Just relax and make it simple. :)

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