Ninth grade girl dating an eighth grade boy?

Hey, is that weird too do. like can a ninth grade girl date a boy or will that make the girl seem like an idiot


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  • When I was in HS I remember thinking that was weird but looking back on it now it's not really weird at all. My younger cousin was dating high schoolers when he was in 8th grade and frequently dates Jr's and Sophmores now that he's a freshmen. The women aren't seen of as downgrading though, because he's a 5'10 already and a really cool guy. If you have confidence in your relationship people won't see it as weird. If they try to make fun of you tell em to fu** off.


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  • Not weird at all. One of my best friends was a freshman when I was a junior. She dated an 8th grader. They are still dating 4 years later and everyone loves them they are so perfect together. It is your relationship, should only matter what you two think. If people give you problems about it, ignore them, they're not worth your time.

  • No only if they don't see each other for a long time because the boy could be cheating on the girl so yes and no because I'm trying to get with girl who in ninth and I'm in 8th grade


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