Is a grade 12 girl dating a grade 9 guy weird?

This guy is perfect. He is the best singer in school yet he's only shown the girl he likes. Music runs his life just like hers. They write each other paragraphs and letters about how much they care about each other. They both have written a dog for each other that was serious. They know all of each others life stories. They care about each other so much. She's popular and he is liked by all grades. Is this weird?

They haven't dated yet

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Most Helpful Guy

  • Find a guy your own age.

    • But he is better than anyone in my grade, it breaks my heart haha.
      What about when are out of highschool?

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    • These same rules apply to men.

    • Fair enough. Only thing is, society doesn't find it weird if a guy dates a younger girl so I thought you were saying that.

Most Helpful Girl

  • Its a 4 year difference, in the future it won't be weird, i'd guess when he's 20 and you're 24. But at your age, it is weird, not only that but once you are 18, he will still be around 14 or 15... a couple is only expected to do certain things and with that age difference, you could be marked as a sex offender.
    At my school, a senior (18) and a junior (17), well, their nude was sent out, and she lost all of her scholarships, as did he, then he got expelled, and was marked as a sex offender.
    Just wait it out man, if you can't, its not meant to be.

    • Like I do get that age shouldn't matter, I 100% agree on that note, but sadly, to society it does. So not only for your own well being, but for his as well, i'd probably only reach a certain base if you get what I mean, maybe keep the canoodling to yourselves and don't do anything sexual.

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    • lmao exactly a 25 year old dating a 30 year old is fine but a 15 year old dating a 20 year old (and your case isn't even as exaggerated) isn't ok? Like tf society its the same difference lmao
      But yeah that probably would be best and who even has time for a relationship with school LMAO, like I feel I really want a boyfriend but once I think about it i'm like nah i'm too lazy and don't have the time for that ahaha... :")
      But good for you not to care about what others may think, if it's love, it's love! I mean i'm head over heels over this 37 year old actor xD everyone's like "that's weird..." i'm like bitch does it look like i give a shit

    • Exactlyyyyy! And a 17 year old dating a 20 year old is weird but a 20 year old dating a 23 year old is normal. I don't know society is confusing.
      And true! We both like each other so much, but honestly, we can just flirt and hug and be all friendly and cutesy without a relationship right now. Once you put a title on it, you're obligated to hangout with them all the time and there's so many more obligations. We both want to be together eventually, just not now because life is too busy for us to handle.
      And thank you!! Its funny, I told him the selling point, the hung that finally convinced me I liked him was when he sang for me. Before that, I wished he was older but didn't think of dating him. Now its entirely different. I noticed so much more about him and I fell

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  • No it isn't weird i was in 12th grade and had crushes on few 9th grade girls.

    • Would you ever pursue relationships with them at that age?

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    • Thank you for your opinion!

    • You're welcome and Best wishes :) :D

What Girls Said 4

  • Lol popular people are the ones with the most baggage and drama πŸ˜…. No. The "girl" will be out of HS and if she is going to college or start working a 9/11 job then she will be more attracted to people in that mindset and surroundings. Because as soon as ur over HS you'll realize that HS wasn't the most important thing in the world

    • Well popular for being nice and accepting to everyone, not popular for being pretty and confident haha. Everyone in the school is nice to them and thy dont have any drama.

      Highschool isn't that important, I know. But there's many guys that like me that are older and my age but thy aren't as caring and dont have all the qualities he does.

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    • Is kinda "destined" lol. My mom first boyfriend was my dad's half brother. And one of my mom's best friend is one of my dad's brother. And when they first meet, my mom was in college. Anyways, my dad came home from Germany to pick up his brother that was in my mom's house. And he had a "love at first sight" once my mom came outside to return him his books/notes. After that, my dad wanted my mom to be invited in family celebrations so he could know her better. Lol but most of their relationship was through phone. Cuz he was mostly in stationed in Germany. And my mom stayed in Mexico

    • Wow, that must have been difficult. It went well though! I'm glad everything worked out

  • When I was in 12th grade I met that guy who was grade 9th, my teacher asked me to help him in studying and he started liking me, I also liked him but I didn't date him cause at that time 3 years difference was quite big. I'd wait for a while, if you have strong feelings to him. He was 14 and I was almost 17.
    I still met him these days and he became 20-30 cm taller than he was before and he changed a lot, he was towering at me and I think that I did it good that I didn't start anything with him. I would probably date him now but 3 years ago we were kids.

    • I'm glad In not the only one haha. I understand, grades make it so much harder to date younger and older people. I think I'm gonna wait, but keep being friends and flirting and hugging and stuff. At least until the relationship. Why do you think it was good you didn't date him in highschool?

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    • I suggest you to wait. I also like younger guys but not too young and 14 is too young.

    • Yea I'm gonna wait a few years. But OML, even my friend today was telling me how she knows he's gonna get SUPER hot because he's really cute right now haha. I hope we both are single in a few years

  • Age shouldn't matter, you love who you love.

    • Thank you for your open minded opinion!

  • It's not totally weird, but it's a little strange, like a 14 year old with an adult I don't know lol. But anyway, the difference will become less odd as you both get older.

    • I know, that's the thing. He is actually 14 1/2 and I just turned 17 (he has an early birthday, I have a late one) so its more 2 and a half years. Its still weird though bc of the grades and because I'm almost an adult and he's barely a teenager. I don't know what to do really. I'm thinking wait it out until he's in grade 12 or so

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    • Awe same to you! Of course :) Best of luck ☺️❀️

    • Thank you so much again!!