Is the rule "never text twice in a row" always necessary?

My coworkers friend came into my work and introduced himself out of the blue. We chat a little and connected. The next day, my coworker told me that his friend had a crush on me.

A few weeks later, I went to a party and my coworker was there with his friend. His friend was a little drunk so I didn't think much of him trying to flirt with me since he was flirting with other girls as well. He got my number and I just blew it off since I didn't think he cared that much. After I left and got home though, he texted me and asked if I made it home OK.

The next few days he texted me all day. Of course, there weren't very many since it took me and him forever to reply since he was with his friends for the weekend. I then went back to school which is 3 hours away but he still texted me-he always initiates too.

This morning he texted me "Morning Miss (my name) :)" He sometimes calls me maam which shows to me he is respectful and he's very sweet. So he then asked for help with hw, I told him I could try since I wasn't very good at the subject, then he never texted back.

So, is it bad for a girl to text twice in a row even if the texts were hours and hours apart? He always initiates so would it be OK if I texted him again? Not more than one and if he doesn't reply, I can let it go.

Is that rule always necessary?


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  • Forget the rules, they are stupid to begin with.

    Live your life on the edge...send the text.

    • Thanks, I just don't want to be annoying him. People told me they've never even heard that "rule" but I always hear other people not to text more than once. But I guess if it's not excessive then it's ok.

      Thank you! :)

    • Excessive is when you can't even type out your return text before getting another one from that person. Sending a second text hours later isn't hurting anything.

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