Am I leading him on over text?

I've been texting a guy for two weeks (met at my work and hung out at a party). He always texts first and seems very interested. We have only been texting because I went back to school which is 3 hours from his. He has invited me to his rugby games, to watch movies with him and use his hot tub/pool. He talks about his family, school and his life in general as well.

Some texts I have sent him have been very flirty. I have no experience with guys whatsoever, however, I am slightly flirty.

So I was wondering, will he think my texts mean more if I am flirty? I'm not planning on sleeping with him for awhile-I don't want to be perceived as easy because I really like him. I don't think he sees me as easy, but sometimes I feel like I might be leading him on through text.


I told him I would be coming over to use him for his hot tub (jokingly) and then I told him to not forget. Then he said "Don't worry, I won't :) When are you coming back down?"

Am I leading him on? Should I tone it down? Or is it perfectly OK to flirt like that over text? Thank you!

He actually said " Oh I won't trust me :) When do you come down next?"


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  • I don't see anything wrong with it. I'm flirty and its not a big deal. It just means we like to have fun or whatever.


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  • It doesn't sound like you're being too flirty. It's fine if you like the guy so I wouldn't tone it down maybe flirt a bit more if you want, just be natural that's all you can do. It would be wrong if you didn't like him

  • If you really like him then right now I don't think your being flirty enough! :) A text like that is perfect if your really looking to take something slow while still implying you like him

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