Kissing a guy on the neck?

I want to kiss my boyfriend on the neck. He always kisses my neck, and for once, I'd like to return the favor. My neck is SUPER sensitive and I get really excited once he kisses me there, and I was wondering if guys like that area also? He never pulls me towards there.

Also, HOW do I kiss a neck?! Lightly suck? Lick? I don't know how my boyfriend kisses my neck, I usually get so into how I'm feeling. So, how should I kiss his neck and where should I place my hands? NO PRIVATE PARTS!


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  • He doesn't need to pull you towards there. Just kiss him there next time and see how he likes it. Personally I love neck kissing, it's such a turn on.

    Also a little bite is a huge turn on

  • First, pay attention to what he is doing to your neck next time. Then do the same thing. Hands will go where you are most comfortable...don't over think these things...this should be enjoyable for the two of you...


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