Hug and a quick kiss on the neck?

I went out with this guy for a few months, and we then took time apart due to him becoming depressed due to other circumstances. I gave him space, he came back to me saying he wanted to be good friends for now until he sorted himself out. That was over a month ago and now he tells me he's feeling a bit better. We met up for a drink but his teenage son was with us (we don't stay close and they were visiting the town). Anyway when he greeted me, he hugged me and kissed me quickly on the neck, and I just hugged him. On leaving he hugged me again, but didn't kiss my neck at first, so I kissed his neck and he then leaned in and kissed my neck again. His son was in the background, so I'm wondering if he was being friendly or if there was more to it? We are hopefully meeting up sion to go to the movies. Opinions would be great, thanks


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  • If you're asking if he was just being friendly, I don't have any friends that kiss me on the neck. Definitely more than just friendliness going on there. Especially with having his son there.

    Don't get wrapped up in fantasies and hopes. Let things play out and unfold and I think this will most likely go the way you'd prefer.

    I wish you luck in love!

  • Son was present to keep you/things at arm's rest
    so he was able to be more "friendly" with you w/o consequences of you being too forward to him.
    He's really NOT ready to date you, this is a waste of time and could take a lifetime of waiting &/or patience while he tried to hurtle emotional pains others hurtle quite quickly. Life is full of these crippled, please avoid them unless skilled/trained, as they will be crippled time & again in future over silly things until healed.