Would a guy bring another girl around to make me jealous?

I went on 2 dates with a guy I currently go to grad school with. He's been pretty good friends with me for the last year or so. While known for being a little flaky and seeing multiple girls at once (and thinking he's kinda sly about it when he's not), I went out with him regardless. After those 2 dates, we didn't go out again, and only tended to hang out in a group setting with our mutual friends--this was a sign for me to move on.

I've noticed that's what he does. He'll take a girl out once or twice, and then back off and stop putting effort in; but if the girl wants to hang, he won't turn her down. I think he just likes being wanted or the chase. There is a girl named Ashley from his work that LOVES him, and they hung out a few times but I remember last semester he then told her it was over and that he wasn't sexually attracted to her. but somehow she still "likes" him even now to this day... I think he's doing something to lead it on.

Anyway, I met a new guy over the weekend and went on a date with him. The grad school guy found out, but what do I care? He was being flaky anyway and it wasn't promising. So grad school guy, and a few of our mutual friends are all hanging out the day after my date, and he brings Ashley! I don't think that is a coincidence, considering he told me earlier that he has no feelings for her whatsoever, so that's kind of funny to me.

Was that a coincidence that he brought her and was treating her like they were dating right in front of me? Or is he just someone that constantly has to have someone pine over him?
Would a guy bring another girl around to make me jealous?
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