He texts me daily but we don't hang out!

He got out of a 2 year relationship about 5 months ago. When I told him that I do like him he told me that he isn't looking for a relationship right now and that I'm a very nice girl. I backed off after that, but he texts me daily and usaully initiates the conversations. I would love to hang out with him and talk in person but I haven't said anything because I already did enough by revealing my feelings. I figure if he wants to hang out he would ask me, especially now that he knows how I feel. What should I do? Does it seem like he is interested?


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  • I disagree with the other posts. I don't think he wants back with her. If it didn't work out the first time then let it go (IMHO). If he texts you THAT much he must have some feelings for you, now these feelings could be just as a friend, but he thinks about you to text you and since he texts you everyday then it's something, but I don't know what. He might just honestly be hurt and not ready to jump back into a relationship yet. it might take some time for him to recover/get over it and might be worried about getting his heart broke again. Why not just be his friend? I think he needs a friend right now and see where it goes from there.


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  • Believe him when he says he's not looking for a relationship. Holding out hope will only lead to disappointment. I saw your comment below and he may be fed up with her and most likely feels hurt by her but that doesn't mean he doesn't still have feelings for her. He just knows he shouldn't be with her. As to why he's talking to you so much... he's probably lonely & your attention is probably a much needed salve to his wounds. The fact that he's still talking about his ex, especially to you, is a pretty good indicator he's not ready to move on yet although I'm sure he wishes otherwise.

  • Stay away, sounds like he might still have feelings for his ex and is seeing/hoping if they can work things out, all the while having you on the side as a back up.

    It's happened to me and recently, and after 6 months of him initiating texts with me, 1 date and making up excuses as to why he couldn't hang out with me but wanted to. I found out he got back with his ex and they broke up again.

    • Thanks for the advice =]

      The thing is that he told me he's fed up with his ex because she used him and treated him badly, which is why I could understand him not wanting a relationship right away. I get the feeling that he doesn't want to deal with her any longer by the way he talks about her. Does it just seem like he needs time?

    • My guy had also told me that he was done with her and he didn't want a relationship right away because he was hurt cause she cheated on him...i figured it's been a few months, if they were going to get back together, they would have already but I was wrong. Long story short, we went out on a date, and he continued to text for 6 months showing a lot of interest in me, I start to like him and then I find out he got back with his ex, I was heartbroken. I really hope yours turns out different

    • Just be careful of the rebounders though, good luck :)

  • I was recently dumped by a guy who would constantly text me! Truth is, texting does not compensate for a "real" relationship! Don't get me wrong, this guy must like you but in what way? As a friend maybe? This guy and I were in a sexual relationship, going on dates all the usual then he suddenly tells me he's not ready and he'd love to be friends! What I'm trying to say is that don't let him initiating contact cloud your judgment! He may like you BUT does he like you enough? In my opinion, and with a hell of a lot of hindsight I wish I'd realised at the time how much of a waste of time the texting was when we could have actually been spending time together. Yes your guy had it rough but if I were you, and if I liked him as much as you say then I would perhaps back off a little! Not to be mean but I really wouldn't risk getting attached to this guy! Not yet... he clearly isn't ready!

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