First Date- group or alone?

What is better on a first date? Is it better to go with a group of friends so it's more laid back and less nerve wracking, or just go alone with your date?

And any ideas for best places on a first date? =P There's the movies (which I've heard isn't good on a first date), go out to eat, etc?


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  • ...?

    Never ever take a friend along on a date. This makes for a lousy date, since the basic idea of a date is to get to know the other person. And you can't do that if your friends are there. Then it's basically a hang out, and that's something you should be doing AFTER a few dates with this guy.

    As for first date, yeah avoid the movies. Also avoid dinner if you can. Try something creative that can make you more able to have conversations. When your having dinner on a first date, it's really hard to have a conversation cause awkward silence makes you a bit nervous. Instead choose an activity like bowling or skating. Do something where you have a minute or two to think of the next topic or subject to talk about. :)

    Hope that helps.


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  • Most def go alone with you date. I hate group things because I don't feel I ever get the one on one time I like. unless its obviously a date for the 2 people but with other people along, it always feels like you care competing for attention.

    movies are decent, movie pending of course. I like to do something with someone that is mildly distracting, so if there is a pause in the conversation you can focus on something self. unless its a dinner date, I like to get coffee and either walk the water front or stroll through an outdoor mall. if the person is decently cultured museums and art exhibits are awesome. you can learn a lot about people through what are they like lol.

    • Yeah, I agree on the mildy distracting places.

      There aren't any museums near here unless we'd go to New York and that's about an hour away- and 2 16 years old alone more than an hour away might not work out xD

      Thanks for the advice! =)

  • A good question.

    You should hang out with the person you like with a group before you go out. But, don't go on a "date" with a group. Just hang out!

    And first date... movies are always good. haha, I think it's good. But it's impersonal, maybe a dinner. But then, I would worry too much about my manners (I have good manners, but I wouldn't want to do something stupid haha!) I would go to an intersting place to eat, like a hibachi place, so there is something to talk about that has to do with the restaurant. I say this because it's a first date, so you have something to fall back on if the convo dies. Good luck!

    • Haha thanks. Yeah, movies always seems to pop up when someone says "first date" whether it be good or bad. And yeah I agree...

      And thanks! I'm nervous for this Saturday, will need to luck haha xD

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  • Just the two of you for a first date. It gives you the chance to get to know them better. Then you don't have to worry about trying to be in the spot light when your with a group of people. Also people won't try to have your attention more or your dates. If that makes since at all. Maybe a group date once you get to know the guy better.

    Dinner is always fun. Maybe bowling?

  • Alone. going as a group isn't really a date. you could go somewhere fun like the carnival where there plenty to do, and you will both have fun. that's the most important thing. just make sure its somewhere you both like.

  • Alone, where you can get to know each other more

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