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First date questions?

Alright so I have a date in a few days with someone I matched with on a dating app and she hasn’t been the most talkative person BUT when I asked if she wanted to go out so we can talk in person she seemed to like that better. Anyway-

I’m 23 she’s 22
I have a few questions. Is mini golf too cliche? There’s not too much to do in our area and there’s only so much interactive date options ya know? I figure it’s a classic and it’s less pressure on us both than like going out to dinner. Holding hands is fine right? The only thing I’m really worried about is if I should kiss her at the end of the night when I take her home like- I suck at reading people in general! What if any signals should I look out for? Should be a quick peck right? But not too quick?- I need help😭😂 please and thank you
Mini golf is cliche
Dinner instead (or something else)
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First date questions?
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