Do guys end text messages with a x if they like a girl?

Maybe reading too much into this text, but a guy I like sent me a reply message with a x at the end, do guys do this in general in texts or only if they like someone. Since I only do it if I like someone, so I wouldn't put an x in a message to the opposite gender if I didn't find them attractive.


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  • You can't really generalise with things like this. Some people do, some people don't. Almost every girl I know ends messages with x's and o's and they certainly don't all fancy me! I think you're reading in to it a little bit too much, which doesn't mean he isn't interested in you, just that this isn't the best clue. ;)

    • Mind you, if he's ordinarily pretty reserved or if it's very uncommon for him to do something like that with others, then yes, there is a chance it means something. All depends on the person.

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    • hahaha, yes! I think that's the real answer here. ;) The truth is always the way to go!

    • So its kinda awkward , I work with him. So if I tell him and he doesn't feel the same way, then what do I do? I couldn't face him at work ever again! Any suggestions?

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  • They don't always put X's.. It could mean something else.


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  • He may have thought it would be cool to make his 'automatic signature' an X, so every time he sends a text, an X follows as the last symbol- being just a signature.


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