Is him being a bad texter a sign?

This boy I've been talking to since December (I haven't seen him since last April, up until last night. We fell out of conatct but then started talking agian in December via cell phone and texting) is a really bad texter. He texts me first and stuff, but sometimes he'll just stop replying, or he'll take like hours to reply. I know sometimes he'll get my text and just not reply, because I'll text him again a bit later saying something, and he'll reply back right away. Is him being a bad texter mean he doesn't like me ? Or can boys who actually like a girl still be bad texters and text like that (meaning not reply sometimes, taking a long time to reply, etc.)?


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  • When I've experienced this, it ended up being that the girl was just texting so many people too she couldn't pay attention to us all. Some other guy was throwing money at her to get her attention, and she happened to be attracted to that. Go figure.

    If your man's not a chronic texter, maybe he hates the thing and it isn't something to take personally. A lot of us don't text. If I meet someone who wants to text, I just say it's not part of my cell plan.

    Many guys view it like email. It's not a real communication mode, just something to check once in a while and respond when we feel like it.

    So call him, and figure out if he's super-thumbs, or says "texting's dumb."

  • This is advice for both girls and guys. Don't always expect replies immediately. They could just be busy or not really in the mood to reply, or they could be thinking of what they should reply with.

    Just chill out, give them some space and time to reply. They will reply when it's convenient for them or when they know what to reply with.


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