Girl never initiates text?

Uggghh I have been texting this girl for about a month now, and I always have to text her first. She always answers, and even has asked me questions if we talk about something interesting...

NOTE THIS: She *knows* that I have a big crush on her! Does she just like me to initiate first because she likes the feeling of being chased or is she flat out not interested?

She is HOT HOT HOT HOT HOTTTTTTTTT so she always has guys wanting to get in her pants. I have to remember this too, she probably doesn't always think about me haha
Likewise she doesn't have to chase guys they literally throw themselves at her.


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  • That's hard to say. It could be that she's just being polite/ wants to just be friends but it also might because you're coming on too strong and she doesn't know what to make of you yet? Have you known this girl for just the month? Maybe you should let her get to know you. Does she respond in short answers that don't lead to conversations or the opposite?

    • I've known her longer than a month, just started texting for a month. She never responds with one or two word answers. It's always complete sentences.

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    • true. but didn't you want to find out if she's actually interested or just letting you chase her? Easiest way is to ask. just saying. and plus if she's the type of girl that makes the guy do everything then doesn't that also tell you that you should be the one to make the first move?

    • I guess the only way to find out is to become better friends with her then ask her on a date. I do realize that...yes. The only reason I ask this question is because I didn't want to keep trying to talk to her and look like a creeper because she is actually trying to drop me a hint (if that is the reason why she never initiates)

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  • I don't initiate text UNLESS they are only my friends.

    • Oh so it can be a good sign then? That she doesn't text first? I guess it can go both ways :(

    • If she usually answers, and it's more than brief one word answers. I would say, YES- that is a good sign. My texting habits: text a lot = friendzone. Don't answer or quick one word answers without engaging= Not interested. Answer but does not initiate = interested

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  • most girls are lazy like this

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