Why would a girl stop initiating text messages?

We both really like each other - she has told me hundreds of times she sees us as more than just friends and I'm heading to Paris for her Prom soon. But before she used to send me a message each time I didn't contact her for 3 days. She would ask me "how's it going?".

Now she doesn't do it anymore no matter how long I wait and it worries me. She has said she wants me to "remember how beautiful she is and how she can seduce me" and that she can't wait for me to be with her in Paris.

Can someone please tell me what's going on.

P.S she asked me if I met any girls on my travels, I told her yes and she got a bit jealous. I asked her and she told me she had not met any other lads.


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  • I think she's waiting for you to initiate this time and she's unsure if you really want her. If you really like her, make her feel secure about your feelings for her. It's really hard to be away from a guy and girls usually think twice if they should hold on to the guy. She being jealous and not meeting other lads is a good sign she's into you and just waiting for you to make the move.

    Be a man and get her lol...

    • I really, really, do like her - I always have from day 1. We met at the swimming pool in the South of France 3 years ago and things just kicked in from thereon. I would initiate a text with her, but just like for us guys we don't want to do it all the time since we think you're not interested, busy or otherwise.

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  • I agree with luckygurl. She is probably seeing if you're interested, so if you are text her!

    • She knows I'm interested that's not the issue. I asked her before why she stopped and she tells me it's because she thought she would be bothering me. But I told her she wouldn't and that I'd already finished my work experience by then and she hasn't initiated any thing. But she does answer and does flirt with me.

  • Just text her. Believe me :)

    • I nervous I'm going to irritate her and bore her ... it's too late now, I'll wait till tomorrow.

    • If she likes you it will never irritate or bore her.

    • Yeah I guess not, but my guts telling me something is wrong. Plus I'm starting to get nervous to see her she told me it would all go "naturally" between us.

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